Spin is a family owned, professionally managed company located in Bogotá, Colombia.


We were established in 2009, so we are beginning a journey to build a company that can compete with the best in our chosen markets and that provides an attractive return to our shareholders.


Spin's initial goal was to identify high-value-added, scientifically-backed, innovative product lines from top-quality multinationals to lay the foundation for the company's long-term success.


We believe that being selective only in certain areas gives us unmatched knowledge and allows us to offer superior products and services, to optimally meet the needs of our customers.


We are a value-added distributor, focused on continuous growth in existing and new markets, working hard to become a solid brand that represents competence and reliability. We want to establish a sustained position of leadership in the areas of animal production and food chain, to continue adding value to our brand, and to the products that we proudly represent. We continually work to improve our financial performance, setting high growth targets, and focusing on profitable relationships with our clients. If required, we entrust our products to established distribution networks, which support our philosophy of comprehensive product and market management.



Spin believes in integrity as a crucial value in all aspects of business operation.


 We conduct our business in a fair and impartial manner, with a high level of transparency, adopting the highest ethical principles and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 


We adhere to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct


The passion for Spin is that internal energy that inspires us to establish and achieve

our challenging goals, to exceed customer expectations and improve their businesses.


 It is that enthusiasm to outperform the competition, and develop innovative solutions that are fast, differentiated and better than our competitors. 


It's that strong desire to continually improve, learn new skills, and share new ideas; be ready for change 


At Spin we care about our stakeholders, the environment and the community.


Customers, employees, partners and suppliers are treated with respect with a

open and honest communication, to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships.


We consider that commitment to our clients is essential for success,

and that working together with them to meet their needs is the basis for all that we do. We know that we will win, only if we all win.


We are an accountable group in front of the company, our customers and society, supporting our actions, service and quality. We strive to find solutions and meet our goals.


To create value to our commercial partners, and to their customers, by providing superior nutritional and health solutions, as well as management aids, to food-producing animals. 


Higher effectiveness through innovation


Despite being a relatively new company, Spin has a wealth of capabilities, which we pride ourselves on, and allow us to meet the needs of our customers with excellence.

Our strong professional and personal relationships with key players in the industry, such as feed producers, integrators, farmers, veterinarians, consultants, distributors, government regulatory officials, producer associations, allow us to provide technically advanced products, which provide an obvious differential advantage. Our multicultural experience, combined with an international knowledge of markets, trade and production systems, helps us connect local producers with relevant global information. Bogotá is in a strategic location, which allows a fast and reliable supply to our direct customers and to the national distribution network. The rapid decision-making process at Spin is vital in responding quickly to our clients in this ever-changing business.

Our staff has been intensively involved in the animal feed, pharmaceutical, and productivity enhancement sector in Latin America for almost two decades.

The knowledge and understanding of the requirements of our clients allows us to promote the correct products, and provide the best assistance and support.

Spin differentiates itself from the competition thanks to its world-class marketing, constantly up-to-date technical capabilities and strong consultative sales skills. Our experienced professionals stay in contact with clients to generate solutions and are supported by a team of highly qualified external consultants.


Spin has established exclusive distribution agreements with strategic allies, whose products provide solutions in nutrition, health and animal management.

In each of our alliances, we strive to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that can provide positive results and prosperity for both parties, promoting open communication, mutual trust, and remaining committed to the expected results.

We work synergistically with the logistics, sales, marketing and technical divisions of our suppliers to jointly define sales and marketing plans and activities, technical training and support, and registration activities.


Spin is managed by Eduardo José Bernal.

Eduardo is Colombian, and his family has been involved in agricultural businesses for four generations. He has degrees in Animal Science (University of La Salle, Bogotá-Colombia) and a Master of Science (University of Florida, Gainesville-USA).

After receiving his M.Sc. he was a professor at the University of La Salle, and worked for Monsanto in its animal health and crop protection businesses in several Latin American countries.

Prior to starting Spin, he was a manager at Elanco, Eli Lilly's animal health division. In his 11-year career with Elanco, Eduardo was primarily involved in marketing and commercial activities. He was responsible for adapting and implementing global marketing strategies for poultry, cattle and swine in 16 Latin American countries, as well as product launches, development of marketing plans, processes within the supply chain and management of alliances. Likewise, he managed the sales of Elanco's cattle portfolio in this broad territory through direct sales or through different distribution systems.

Eduardo has published several articles in scientific journals, and is a member of the Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture. He speaks Spanish, English and German.

He is married with two children and resides in Bogotá, Colombia.


We take care of our customers by giving them a professional, personal service, that fits their individual needs, to develop unsurpassed value.

Services that we offer to our customers that are directly related to the products include the flexible and timely supply of goods, in-depth training on the specific product, including recommended use, research information and experimental results.

If needed, we are able to test our products and to conduct on-farm demo-trials. Through specific follow-up programs we keep monitoring the animal performance.

Services that are not directly related to our products, but that help us achieve our vision of improving the effectiveness of our customers in areas critical to their success, include, but are not limited to:

Individualized counseling on technical aspects of nutrition, health and animal management through highly qualified professionals.

Educational programs, including meetings, seminars, trips, in order to share key information with a wider audience.

Access to knowledge, experiences, trends, innovations and recent technologies around the world, to keep producers updated in a globalized economy.

Technical and scientific information in the form of journals, newsletters, magazines, brochures and the internet. Training for our clients' personnel on technical, marketing, sales and organizational effectiveness aspects.

At Spin we are dedicated to serving our customers in a timely and efficient manner to help them optimize their returns when using our products.


At Spin, product safety is and will continue to be one of the company's priorities. Because we have a responsibility to the food chain, we want to provide products that are safe. Therefore, the products we distribute have to be safe for humans, animals and the environment.

Under no circumstances will we compromise the safety of a product, and we will make every effort to avoid health risks. Regarding the use of our products, at Spin we give the respective recommendations to our clients and we provide them with Material Safety Data Sheets.


At Spin we are committed to promoting an environmentally sustainable development, in which the resources of future generations are not compromised.

The companies we represent have also made sustainability an important initiative in the conduct of their business, and allocate significant resources annually for this purpose.

We strive to change the world together with our customers, by offering ecological and sustainable solutions and environmentally sound products.

These solutions improve the efficiency of their production processes, reduce the use of global resources and minimize the impact on nature.

Spin will achieve sustainable growth and long-term profitability in harmony with nature and society.



(+57) (601)471-7500



Carrera 10 # 84C-35 (501)
Bogotá, Colombia